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A window to Canada between our immigration consultants, representatives and candidates, weaving a net of information and contacts in an atmosphere of courtesy and efficiency. Our tasks are multiple, ranging from informing candidates about immigration procedures to selecting those with the best chances of integrating into Canada:

  • At WORK TO CANADA IMMIGRATION, the client is at the center of our preoccupations. The great challenge for us is to choose the best candidates for immigration.
  • Our offices specialize in Canadian immigration and provide advice on obtaining a Canadian visa.
  • Our offices aim to bring clients to Canada as quickly as possible through various immigration options.
  • Our offices provide representation and advice to immigration applicants who wish to obtain a Canada visa and enter Canada on a permanent or temporary basis.
  • The services we offer cover all stages of the immigration process, from the filing of the official application to the issuance of the final visa, including preparation and simulations for the selection interview if necessary.
  • WORK TO CANADA IMMIGRATION specializes in applications for permanent and temporary residence, i.e., we mainly process applications from people wishing to settle permanently in the country. This includes the category of skilled workers, entrepreneurs and investors, self-employed workers, we also offer the service related to the sponsorship of spouses, children or parents, refusals, appeals and we process various student files.


Why Choose CANADA

The number of residents in CANADA is growing every year

The number of people with permanent or temporary resident status has been increasing since 2011.

Work To Canada Immigration
170 k

Qualified Workers

77 k

Family regrouping

293 k

Foreign Students

58 k


Work To Canada Immigration

Why Choose Us

Satisfaction Or

WORK TO CANADA IMMIGRATION offers a 100% money back guarantee on all fees paid by the client if the client’s immigration application has been refused by the immigration authorities due to professional mistakes made by our experts.

Please note that government fees paid by the client are not refundable, because neither Quebec nor Canadian authorities refund processing fees.

Why Choose Us

Why Work To Canada

Building an immigration application is very often a difficult task. There is a lot of evidence to provide and it is not always easy to gather. Far too many people are refused because of a poorly prepared application that they wanted to make on their own. This results in many refusals or delays. Over time, we have acquired a solid experience that has allowed us to develop a very particular method for assembling files. We have noticed that a solid application file allows us to shorten the processing time in certain cases.

  • A candidate who wishes to settle anywhere in Canada or Quebec has little information on all the criteria evaluated when filing an application. He also does not know which filing jurisdiction will maximize his chances of success. He therefore risks a considerable loss of time, the loss of government fees incurred, in addition to an outright refusal.
  • To maximize your chances of being accepted, choose the program that best suits your situation.
  • Such an important life project deserves to be followed by informed and competent professionals.
  • There are more than 60 different procedures and categories of immigration to Canada that allow you to immigrate or settle in Canada and obtain permanent residence.
  • There are dozens of categories with which you can apply for a temporary visitor, work or study permit with processes that change depending on your profession, job, age, field of study, province in which you want to apply, and so on.
  • There are also many conditions and exceptions on family reunification programs, programs for workers, business people ...
  • The immigration services have always been totally overwhelmed by the number of applications submitted, they do not have the time to assist candidates in their process.
  • It is possible to put together your own application, however, the mistakes you make will slow down your application considerably. You risk losing a considerable amount of time.
  • Indeed, advising future Canadians on the choice of their region of installation is fundamental. Canada is a large country, larger than Europe or the United States, and its regions are very different both economically and socially. This is extremely important to know.
  • Francophones focus a lot on Quebec. In many cases, this is not necessarily the best choice. There are so many other regions where Francophones can be found that you need to do more research based on your profession or your life goals.

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